Vacationing on a Budget, Solution Cutting Costs

With the arrival of summer comes the best time to travel and get away with the family for a session of unplugging and unwinding. However, it is no secret that costs of a vacation can quickly accelerate to beyond that of the original budget and expectations. Therefore, KSHB 41 was recently compelled to complete an article summarizing some tips provided by the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission to help consumer’s vacation cheaply and safely.


First, it is imperative that families create a budget for the vacation and stick strictly to it. This budget should be completed in advanced and should be stuck to from the very beginning to the return home. To help in this task, the Better Business Bureau highly suggests that family’s do their homework; research and check into the vacation spot’s local activities and costs involved. Searching through the area’s local Chamber of Commerce website will help in this task, as it will not only provide suggested ideas for activities for the whole family, but the corresponding costs associated as well.

Furthermore, once the activity schedule is settled on, the family should research whether advanced tickets and admissions are available for any of the events. Planning in advance in this regard can save quite a bit of money, as admission can be significantly cheaper when tickets are purchased in advance.
Fundamental planning behind the vacation should be engaged in thoughtfully as well. The article suggests two very simple planning tips that can cut costs significantly. If possible, plan to vacation during the off-season, as doing so lowers costs across the board, for accommodations and activity fees. Length of the trip should be considered as well. Instead of engaging in a pricy two-week stay at a locale, consider planning a series of long getaway weekends, which cuts back on lodging fees.

Finally, nothing boosts fees on a vacation like a scam. Take as little plastic as will be required; only carry a form of identification and the credit and debit cards that will be absolutely necessary to pay for tasks on the trip.