Embracing Fall Activities and Weather


Fall is only one short segment of the year, but with it comes some beautiful scenery and weather. As a result, Jamaica Plain News completed an article recently to supply some ideas for activities this fall. Many of them focus on local benefits, outdoors activities to enjoy the weather, and embracing old traditions or starting new ones.

The article suggests visiting a local craft fair or Fall Festival, to benefit local vendors buy buying local products. In addition to this, attending a farmer’s market can afford opportunities to purchase local produce. Visiting a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard to pick produce can also benefit local farmers and create a memorable fall experience. Volunteering with a local shelter or nonprofit organization allows both volunteers and organization to benefit. Finally, visiting a local library to check out a fall themed book can be a fun family or individual activity.

Fall has the perfect weather for outdoor activities. A corn maze is often a fun endeavor, providing an air of mystery and pursuit. For a more laid back atmosphere, perhaps scheduling a hayride or picnic in the park would be more beneficial. Planting bulbs for next spring can also be beneficial. If one is more risky, they may choose to seek out a hot balloon ride as a means of pursuing the lovely weather. An invigorating bike ride or hike could also be very good exercise for the active body. Finally, build a bonfire and invite neighbors, friends and family; the task can even become a tradition.

Other traditions can be pursued during this time of year as well. Football games are an excellent pastime for this time of year; attend a local high school game or one of the national teams. Games can be viewed at home as well, with a simple football themed party, involving neighbors and friends. Starting a new family tradition is encouraged; several suggestions are offered—making popcorn balls, turning the fall leaves into an art project or learning to make one’s own butter, for use on pumpkin muffins. Halloween and Thanksgiving get their due as well; for Halloween, costumes and decorations are a must, whereas Thanksgiving prompts crafts and projects.