About Tricia Copenhaver

Tricia Copenhaver was born and raised in Houston, Texas and currently lives in Round Rock, Texas. She attended Humble High School; upon graduating in 1992, Tricia continued on to Brigham Young University where she studied Pre-Med with an emphasis in Psychology.


Tricia Copenhaver currently lives in Texas with her family!

During her first few years in college, Tricia worked in restaurants as a waitress before obtaining a clerical job with a Steamship line. After working for about a year and a half in Houston with the Steamship line, Tricia moved to Utah to be closer to her older sister. After moving to Utah, Tricia began working as a Sales Executive for a large Logistics company known as Expeditors International. Tricia worked at Expeditors International from 1997 to 2002.

In 2002, Tricia decided to leave her job as a Sales Executive in order to do freelance work for her dad. In January of 2004, she began her own Home Building business, Cotie Properties. The company focused primarily on building homes on and around Lake Travis. Located in central Texas on the Colorado River, Lake Travis is a reservoir, which was created by the Mansfield Dam in 1942.

In 2003, Tricia became pregnant with her first child. Although, Tricia loved the idea of having a family, she felt as though she needed to finish her degree. Therefore, in 2004, Tricia graduated from college after completing her final year within a 10-month span. While, pregnant, Tricia continued taking classes through her college’s distant learning program until she finished her courses. Tricia remembered taking her daughter with her to her exams at the school’s test center in the local library. She would nurse her daughter between tests. Tricia strongly believed in pursuing her education as well as remaining dedicated to her family.

In March of 2004, Tricia gave birth to her first daughter Ashlynn. Being a mother quickly became Tricia’s main occupation. Her second daughter, Brooklynn, was born not long after Ashlynn in October of 2006. Tricia and Ashlynn share memories of going to job sites together as mother and daughter. Tricia describes Ashlynn as her little sidekick on the job when her daughter wasn’t busy using sharpies to decorate her mom’s car.

Tricia was in charge of Cotie Properties until the economy declined so significantly that it was not feasible to sustain the lifestyle that the business previously afforded their family. In 2010, Tricia chose to return to working in Corporate America. Currently, Tricia works for Vmware as a Field Sales Executive, She earned the promotion after working hard for a year and a half as an Inside Sales Representative. Tricia’s current position in the company allows her to travel and grow in her field.

About Texas

The second most populous state in the United States, Texas offers an assortment of activities for families and children to do together across the state. Texas shares its borders with the Mexican states as well as with the US states New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Houston, one of the largest cities in the state, offers numerous attractions for families such as; The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Holocaust Museum of Houston, the Houston Symphony, Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, Children’s Museum of Houston, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, Houston Museum District, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts and Miller Outdoor Theater.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science:
Located on the northern border of Hermann Park, the Houston Museum and Scientific Society established the museum in 1909. This is a great museum of children to learn more about science and historical events.

Holocaust Museum of Houston 

As the the fourth largest Holocaust memorial within the United States, this museum provides visitors an understanding of the Holocaust and how it affected the entire world.

Children’s Museum of Houston

This museum is located in Houston, Texas and is one of 190 children’s museums in the US along with being one of the top Children’a museums within Texas. It was founded in 1980 by a group of parents seeking to encourage childhood development within the community.

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

Located in the Houston community of River Oaks, this garden is apart of the overall Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The Museum owns a  collection of decorative art, paintings as well as furniture. This is a great location to take your family for beautiful views of the gardens.